We get to film your wedding :)

We are so happy that you chose us to capture your day! First things first, we need some info. Please fill out this form so we can have some details on record and better prepare ourselves for the day.

If you have a wedding planner and are really tired of filling out forms, leave us their contact info and we'll get the information we need to know. 

I Have a wedding planner and I hate forms

I don't have a wedding planner (or I just really like forms)

When is the wedding?
When is the wedding?
We know you've told us, and it's in the calendar, but just for the record.
Lover One
Lover One
Lover Two
Lover Two
If so, what last name? This could be used as text on the video.
Best Phone Number For Contact Before Wedding *
Best Phone Number For Contact Before Wedding
Best Day Of Contact Person? *
Best Day Of Contact Person?
Their Phone Number? *
Their Phone Number?
If you don't know, just leave this blank, or tell us where you're thinking.
When possible we like to attend these to get a better idea of the ceremony space and the order of service.
If you're interested I'll contact you and we'll talk more.
Please provide both addresses.
Aside from actually getting married. Fireworks? Gift exchanges? Karaoke Battle?
We don't guarantee song choices, but this gives us an idea of what you like.
We love to capture guests enjoying your wedding, and we can usually pick up on family and friends who are close to you, but let us know if there is anyone extra special that we absolutely cannot miss!